State Representative Regina Goodwin’s more than 30 years of genuine service springs from deep roots in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Regina Goodwin first heard, “Service is the rent we pay for our room and board on earth”, from her grandparents, Jeanne and Ed Goodwin, Sr. This message was further instilled by her parents, Alquita and Ed Goodwin, Jr.


A graduate of Booker T. Washington High School, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas and completed Master’s degree course work in film at Columbia College in Chicago, IL.


As State Representative, Regina has collaborated in initiating an education, apprenticeship and job pilot program with the Department of Transportation, successfully opposed the placement of a Juvenile Detention Center, promoted the restoration, reopening and public access to restroom facilities at Crawford Park, requested an Oklahoma Attorney General’s insurance fraud investigation to aid six bus drivers’ wrongful accusation of embezzlement, and leads a Community Policing effort to build better relationships between law enforcement officers and communities.


Regina is also an artist who creates animation and greeting cards. She recently lead a grassroots community project to remove graffiti and painted a Peace Mural promoting community revitalization at 46th and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd entitled, “Love and Let Live.”


Regina is a dedicated member of the North Peoria Church of Christ. A woman of faith, Regina has a passion and commitment to her community, and stands for justice. She courageously addresses issues, organizes people, identifies solutions and gets results. A strong proponent of improved education, Regina advocates equal treatment and access for students in public education. She spearheaded the implementation of African American Studies in Tulsa’s Public High School curriculum.


Regina has organized groups to find petition signature discrepancies and challenged the ballot language. The State Attorney General changed the ballot measure and Oklahoma became the first of five states to defeat a deceptive Civil Rights Initiative.


With Regina’s support funds have been raised, lawyers secured and court cases won on behalf of the People to ensure due process.


The YWCA searched through 100 years of history and named Regina one of the “100 Women of Moxie.” Regina’s pursuit of social justice twice earned her an invitation to attend the Ford Foundation / City University of New York symposiums on grassroots efforts.


As Oklahoma State Representative for House District 73, Regina serves on¬ four legislative committees: Appropriations and Budget Transportation, County and Municipal Government, Tourism and International Relations, and Economic Development Commerce and Real Estate.


Representative Regina Goodwin is a strong, honest voice, and genuine servant who advocates the POWER of WE!


Below are the bills which she has authored for the Oklahoma 55th Legislative Session 2016:


HB 2277 - Clarifies former felon voting rights


HB 2380 – Requires sheriff to appoint licensed appraisers; Anti-nepotism language added.


HB 2381 – Reduces interest on back child support payments,


HB 2382 - Creates Oklahoma Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Act of 2016 .


HB 2383 - Prohibits the imprisonment of individuals for nonpayment of fines, fees and court costs.


HB 2384 - Creates the Oklahoma Caregiver Support Act; Expanding services for Family Care Givers.


HB 2385 - Oklahoma Minimum Wage Act; increasing minimum wage amount to $10.10 per hour


HB 2386 – Increases teacher pay.



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